My first British Shorthair

WNCA Gold Db Gd Ch Obanya Black Cherry

Below Berry days after her arrival from Melbourne


Our Current Queens

Bnz Db Gd Ch Britern Balaise Caribbean Queen

Sire:Diamond Db Gd Ch & Diamond National Ch Britern Backstreet Ned Kelly

Dam Bnz Db Gd Ch Britern Blackmailed in Paris

Db Gd Ch Diamond Road Milovley (Chocolate)

Sire: ANCATS Db Gd Ch Aragon Illusion (Lilac) Dam ANCATS Gd Ch Diamond Road Gypsy (Chocolate Tortie & White)

A Chocolate solid, Milo began her show career in 2018.
Milo will be mated late in 2019

Milo is already a Best In Show Winner has a sound Chocolate coat and wonderful eye colour.

Ch Britern Bel Eprite

Sire:Diamond Db Gd Ch Chubbybritz Big Mac

Dam Candyrose Sparkles

A queen waiting for 2021 Breeding Season

Charris Capricornia

Sire: Ch Mahaska Soda

Dam Mahaska Storm

Ern's Email Address is
[email protected]

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